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Teros UAS

Teros was designed meet our customers’ expanding requirement for an extended range, high altitude aircraft that can operate in a wider range of environments and perform even more challenging missions.

NASC Teros Side View
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NASC Teros on the Runway
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NASC Teros Frontal View
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Teros Specifications

TEROS is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS in the 1,500 pound class. Its flexible design and “Plug and Play Payload” capability enables the TEROS to carry multiple payloads simultaneously at high altitudes for extended periods. TEROS has the internal volume, wing store locations and electrical power for large and complex payloads.

Unique Design Features

Teros was derived from an FAA-Cerified, flight proven airframe that has logged thousands of mishap-free flight hours with critical redundant flight control systems. Short takeoff and landing capability, fast field assembly, rapid servicing, and autonomous flight operation are among many of Teros' user friendly design features.

Mission Profiles

The Teros design focuses on the ability to be rapidly reconfigured to meet different requirements as determined by our customers’ needs, allowing NASC to deliver a customized UAS at a cost-effective price.


Leveraging NASC’s extensive design & development, production and lifecycle support experience, TEROS is built to rigorous AS9100C Quality Processes.