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UAS Engineering

NASC designs, develops and manufactures Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) suitable for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Our engineers have designed our aircraft to be low-cost, highly reliable, adaptable, and high-endurance systems for complex missions in remote locations.

UAS Field Testing
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NASC Employees Working New UAS Design
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Line Up of NASC UAVs
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UAS Design & Prototyping

Since the early 1990’s, NASC has been designing unmanned aircraft systems for the US military using three dimensional computed aided design software for all mechanical parts and assemblies.

NASC documents the 3D hardware design by way of creating two dimensional drawings from the three dimensional models. 3D parts, assemblies, and drawings are all considered linked documents, therefore, any changes that are made to the part or assembly changes the drawings. This process maintains clear configuration control and provides our manufacturing and quality teams the data they require to produce and inspect, at both the component and assembly levels.

NASC uses Solidworks CAD software and its various design, manufacturing and analysis support modules.

Analysis & Optimization

As with any experienced quality UAS design company, NASC has a robust, finite element structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics capability. Our mechanical and aeronautical engineers use these advanced tools to predict structural integrity and aircraft stability and control prior to aircraft component manufacture. NASC also provides EMI susceptibility testing, hardware design enhancement and optimization and comprehensive review of system requirements to ensure that the final product deliverable will exceed customer expectations.

Manufacturing & Modification

As an enhancement to our UAS design and manufacturing, NASC has established a broad range of product design, prototype, production and manufacturing competencies. These enhancements encompass a wide spectrum of traditional composite, metalworking, woodworking, sheet-metal working, joining, rapid prototyping, composite layup, assembly and integration capabilities to meet the diverse requirements associated with today’s rapid prototyping, manufacturing, low rate initial production (LRIP), and high rate production environments. Our diverse workforce offers testing, training and support as well as routine, scheduled/unscheduled preventive maintenance, repair and overhaul of our delivered systems. Our production facility has the latest technology in Computer Numeric Control (CNC) manufacturing equipment, and our team of CNC machinists, welders, assemblers and certified quality inspectors have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We exceed our customers’ requirements with requisite quality.

Integration & Installation

NASC is a trusted provider for installation and integration of advanced UAV systems. Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled and experienced in payload installation for multiple unmanned air systems (UAS). NASC also integrates the system’s inputs and outputs within the network environment between the UAS, ground control station, and other communication environments. NASC provides domestic and international installation services for permanent and semi-permanent unmanned air systems operations.

UAS Testing

NASC has extensive experience in all phases of Testing & Evaluation for Unmanned Air Systems. Our capabilities in flight test programs encompass laboratory bench testing, functional ground checks, and in-flight aircraft and payload testing supporting the Department of Defense and a diverse group of industries and academia.