Unmanned Air Systems, Operation, & Mission Support

NASC designs, develops and manufactures Unmanned Aircraft Systems for DOD Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Missions. With over 100,000 hours supporting the military, our aircraft are designed to be cost effective, highly reliable, and adaptable systems supporting combat operations.

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teros icon Teros

A High Performance Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS for a broad range of missions and operational conditions.

teros icon TigerShark

NASC's RQ-23A UAS with over 125,000 hours in support of international operations in remote theaters.

teros icon Engineering

NASC capabilities include the entire spectrum of engineering from research, design, testing and production of Unmanned Systems.

teros icon Flight Services

With over 100,000 hours we provide flight services for the DOD in multiple remote theaters of operation.

teros icon UAS Support Equipment

NASC Mobile operational command centers and support equipment for any Unmanned System

teros icon Persistent Ground Surveillance

As a prime PGSS Contractor NASC has been coordinating engineering, procurement, assembly, testing, staffing, and OCONUS deployment of 60 PGSS aerostat systems and over 400 personnel.