Quality, Responsiveness, and Integrity

NASC employees working on multiple manufacutring equipment

Manufacturing Composites


NASC provides precision quality composite mold design and manufacturing services from the initial concept through production, delivery and after sales support. Our composite molding and product manufacturing services are completed under the strict guidelines of our AS9100c and ISO 9001 2008 quality management system.

Composite Curing Oven

Composite Curing Oven

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Bleeder Cloth Winglayup

Bleeder Cloth Winglayup

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Compsosite Paint and Finish

Composite Paint & Finish

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Quality & Quantity

NASC commonly uses Autoclave processing to produce high quality manufacturing composite components by subjecting the material to a three dimensional, uniform and elevated pressure and temperature.

Carbon Fiber Application

NASC Employees Applying Carbon Fiber

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Vacuum Bag Molding

Vacuum Bag Molding is a layup method used by our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians to improve the mechanical properties of a hand layup (two or more layers of fiber reinforcement bonded with a resin). A vacuum is created to force out trapped air and excess resin, compacting the laminates during the curing stage.

Programmable Curing Oven

NASC offers large oven curing within our composite facility. NASC’s custom composite curing oven and process control system has the capability to cure most advanced composite materials and resin systems used throughout industry.

CNC Fabric Cutter

NASC uses a precision Computer Numerical Computing (CNC) fabric cutter to produce all of our material kits. The precision cut fabric kits are then used to fabricate composite components for a wide-range of customer needs.

Continuous Support

NASC has a large sanding, polishing, and finishing area that enables our trained team of professionals to provide superior composite product finishes on both large and small composite components.