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N A S C sensor lowered into water

Sensor Certification & Testing


NASC has developed and conducted controlled and open water ocean testing of acoustic sensor systems. Environmental measurements, profiling and modeling are incorporated to ensure accurate results. These procedures are also used to support quality evaluations in sonobuoy production and new acoustic sensors.

ONI Sonobuoy Certification

NASC performed certification testing on multiple production buoys including the SSQ-62E, SSQ-53F, and SSQ-125 sonobuoys at the NUWC Seneca Lake Test Facility and at the San Clemente Production Test Facility.

MAC System Target Strength Testing

NASC was chosen to provide lead oversight for this sonobuoy development with the manufacturer. NASC designed and constructed a 36-foot modular, light-weight acoustic target to support Multi-static Active Coherent (MAC) testing of the SSQ-125 Sonobuoy.

NASC Open Water Facility

Originally used by the Naval Air Development Center, the NASC Open Water Facility provides NASC with the ability to test mechanical and acoustic hardware in simulated ocean conditions utilizing a stable test platform with self-contained instrumentation and power supply.

Rocket Launched Off-Board Sensors

NASC Researchers have developed and tested rocket launched sonobuoys for surface vessels to more effectively detect threat submarines.

NASC Acoustics Laboratory

The NASC Acoustics Laboratory and Calibration Facility is an advanced testing center for acoustic sensors. At this facility, NASC engineers have the ability to test acoustic subassemblies under conditions of pressure and temperature.

Scale Model Submarine

Constructed for CASPARS training as an acoustic target, the AAS scale model submarine is 12.5 feet in length with a diameter of 13 inches at the main cylinder. Designed and fabricated by NASC AAS personnel with powder coated steel and an air-filled main body, the submarine weighs 300 pounds and features a removable nose, tail, and conning tower.