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NASC Advanced Acoustics designs and manufactures the special purpose equipment that enables our customers to conduct system performance testing of advanced ASW sensors and systems.

Sonobuoy In A Box

A self-contained, reusable unit that replicates a deployed sonobuoy for testing flight UHF and VHF command transmitters and VHF data receivers. Available for all sonobuoys, they can be customized to provide additional features as required.

CFS/CSG/SG90 Sonobuoy Command Generator

(Command Function Select/Command Signal Generator) that generates all of the command functions of the P-3/P-8 aircraft ASW avionics systems in a flight qualified package, enabling R∓D testing using available ships and aircraft.

Portable Digital Data Acquisition Systems

Flight and ship qualified data recorders that provide 32 analog channels of high speed digital data recording onto RAID Protected data drives.

ASCL Controller

PC controlled, rack-mounted device that controls two AN/AAR-78 Advanced Sonobuoy Communications Link (ASCL) receivers without auxiliary subsystems.

NASC RFI Simulator

A device that contains 5 independent RF transmitters that generate programmable RFI interference. This high power rack-mounted unit delivers 50 watts of RF output power. The 5 independent RF transmitters are individually programmable and capable of simultaneous operation. This system has been used in the development of advanced sonobuoy receivers..

ECHO Simulator

A shipboard signal processor system that receives sonobuoy RF commands and generates acoustic signals simulating a submarine target echo.

Miniature DIFAR Sonobuoy

NASC has developed a miniature DIFAR acoustic receiver that provides the capability of an A-size sonobuoy in approximately 5% of the volume and 12% of the weight.

The receiver employs a miniature, high dynamic range, directional hydrophone covering a wide frequency band from the DIFAR through the DICASS systems.