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NASC sonobuoy

Research & Development


NASC’s Advanced Acoustics Sector works closely with our government customers to provide extensive research and analysis of advancing underwater threats. We have been awarded numerous Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contracts to provide next generation underwater acoustic sensors. By conducting thorough threat assessments and mission needs analysis, our engineers can develop design concepts and patterns with specific sensor types, quantity, and spacing.

Commandable Mobile ASW Simulator (CMAS)

CMAS is a NATO A-sized sonobuoy that is a user-programmable, mobile underwater vehicle which receives and retransmits environmentally affected sonar signals to simulate target echoes from threat submarines. Designed as a cost effective, modular, fully recoverable target, it can be configured to work with multiple systems on ships, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Precision High Altitude Sonobuoy Emplacement (PHASE)

PHASE is a multi-stage Parachute deployment system potentially compatible with all existing operational sonobuoys. Advantages of PHASE include faster and more precise sonobuoy deployment. Started as a SBIR Phase I initiative, it has transitioned to fleet use.

Expendable UAV (XUAV) For MAD Detection

The XUAV is a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a towed MAD sensor deployed in an A- size buoy. This sensor allows operators to track targets while maintaining higher flight altitudes.