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Sonobuoy being dropped from airplane

Advanced Acoustics Training


Changing underwater technologies and threats require constant analysis/updates of military ASW operational acoustic systems, applications, and processing. Maritime Patrol Acoustic Operators in the P-3 and P-8 Aircraft must also be trained in the classroom and aircraft to counter these threats with newly developed sensor systems.

Advanced Acoustics Training Details

Since 1977 NASC has provided Acoustics Training to Maritime Patrol Aircrew. Leveraging our advanced research in critical technologies and unmatched depth of experience in antisubmarine warfare, we provide real training solutions for all operational issues. NASC Acoustic Instructors currently support the U.S. Navy Fleet ASW Support Team (FAST) for PMA-264 and PMA-299 with continual improvements in development of advanced training tools and hardware designs to improve sensor capabilities. The current focus area of the FAST is Multi-static Active Coherent training on the P-3C and P-8A aircraft. Other training areas include curriculum development, Human / Machine interfacing, tactics concepts of employment, research and development and training systems.