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PGSS Aerostate and Crew

Persistent Surveillance Training


As a prime PGSS Contractor NASC has been coordinating engineering, procurement, assembly, testing, staffing, and OCONUS deployment of 60 PGSS aerostat systems and over 400 personnel. The success of these programs has been NASC's demonstrated ability to recruit, train, and support the operators required for specific deployment operations.

PSS Training Details

PGSS operators ensure safety 24/7 for mission operations and maintain battle space superiority and situational awareness. Training conducted by NASC instructors ensure contractors, DoD, or government representatives exceed operational proficiencies to achieve deployed mission objectives. All NASC PGSS Instructors are previously deployed operators capable of teaching multiple aerostat platforms and sensor payloads. They also receive vendor certifications on software, hardware, equipment, and payload systems.