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NASC UAS Training Center

UAS Training


As a full service provider for Unmanned Aerial Systems, flight crew and complete air vehicle life cycle support to the Department of Defense, we understand emergent requirements and provide a rapid response in tailoring training programs to support remote deployment. We have been leaders in training our combat UAVs operators for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance at locations worldwide.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

With a wide range of UAS Applications our TigerShark RQ-23A Instructors have provided our OEM Certified training to Pilots, Mission Commanders, Payload Operators and technicians. UAV Courses range from basic aerodynamics and flight theory to advanced mission planning and tactical operations. We also provide Field Service Representatives, logistics and 24/7 technical assistance.

UAS Operations Support

NASC also conducts initial and recurrent TigerShark UAS Qualification Training to the Department of Defense, Academia and Industry for Flight Operations, Maintenance and Logistics.